ETIAS - Traveling to Norway

U.S. citizens can travel to Norway using an ETIAS visa waiver


Country of Norway

  • Oslo
  • Norwegian krone
  • UTC+1 (CET)
  • Right
  • +47
  • Norwegian

U.S. Embassy Norway

Emergency Norway Telephone Numbers

  • 112
  • 113
  • 110
  • 112 (112 is the equivalent to 911 in the US)
Norway : An Overview

Norway is a pristine country with an abundance of spectacular nature. It is said to be one of the safest countries in the world offering tranquility, mysticism, and sharp contrastive beauty. The air is crisp and clean and as with most Scandinavian countries there are mountains, glaciers, and coastal fjords a plenty. Long gone are the Vikings who were renowned as ferocious warriors and in their place are welcoming, friendly people. Rather surprisingly, Norway does not have an Arctic climate but instead is mild and humid. The Nordic sun is surprisingly strong considering the latitude. In fact, the temperature can reach the 80s in the summer months which is when many American visitors travel during their summer vacations. Summer is also when Norway bounds gleefully into 24-hour daylight in the north. And Norway's dramatic winter with its extended ski and winter sports season ensures that it is a holiday destination all year round.

International visitors make a dreamy pilgrimage to the Norwegian arctic to witness a truly unforgettable sight– the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). This show of nature’s seemingly magical lights is described as being caused when solar winds, “meet the atmosphere in a zone around the magnetic North Pole, forming arches, waves and curls of light moving across the sky, with sudden rays of light shooting down from space.”

Norway joined the Schengen agreement in 1996. The population is just 5 million, but Norway welcomes more than 9 million international tourists every year―400,000 are Americans traveling from the United States.
The Electronic System for Travel Authorization, ETIAS, will be in effect in 2021. Authorization for the ETIAS Visa Waiver Program for US citizens allows for visa-free travel with a flexible 90-day limit to Norway as well as to any Schengen member states (countries). With ETIAS approval travelers from the United States can adventure around this inviting artic wonderland creating lasting memories. 

Primary languages: Norwegian, Sami. English is widely spoken throughout most of Norway.

Where to Go

  • Norwegian National Opera building

    The City

    Oslo is the capital city with countless green open spaces such as Vigeland Park and wonderful museums to enjoy like the Viking Ship Museum where visitors can admire preserved Viking ships from the 9th century. If those vessels could speak, they would no doubt be able to narrate the tales of many battles. Visit the Climate House in the Botanical Gardens which is a recent attraction that explores earth and climate change. Other prime attractions include Gustav Vigeland's inspired people-pillars, the Holmenkollenbakken, an out-of-this-world ski jump, the Royal Palace, Nobel Peace Center and the contemporary Oslo Opera House, with architecture that is designed to connect to the water by which it sits showcasing an, “angled, white exterior that appears to rise from the water. It invites its visitors to climb its roof and enjoy panoramic views of Oslo and the fjord, all year round.” 


    Mountains and Fjords and Coastline

    Norway is particularly well known for its scenery with its expanse of countryside dotted with mountains and dramatic fjords. Many sojourners visit the country so they can experience the beauty, the depth, the pristine majesty of the fjords. Fjord means where one fares through. And as Norway’s most famous attractions there are myriad ways to experience them. Sognefjord considered one of the most beautiful in Norway is encircled by steep mountain cliffs. The surrounding landscape is a mix of petite family farms, flat snowfields, rushing waterfalls, and picturesque villages. Nærøyfjord is one of the narrowest of all the fjords; 12 miles long and less than 275 yards wide in places and is bordered by hanging valleys dotted with happily grazing goats, deep green mountains rising steeply, and seals napping on sun-warmed rocks. Fjord tours offer ways to explore one or many of these spectacular narrow waterways that have been carved by glaciers over millennia. Packaged with interesting accommodations and activities, they are designed to ensure visits discover the dizzying magic of the fjords. From the water, or from high in the air tours of Norway’s fjords be become long cherish memories.


    Because of its latitude, in summer there is midnight sun for 76 days in Northern Norway. With 24 hours daylight, the midnight sun in summer is an incredible experience that visitors long savor. Ways to savor the delirium inducing nighttime sunlight: A night whale watch brings people close to the leviathans at this special golden time. River and sea kayaking are popular and on land, both hiking and cycling and even rounds of golf are enjoyed during the glowing night when the sun barely slips below the horizon only to rise red and hopeful again.

  •  The Atlantic Road

    The Coast

    The Norwegian Coast is really unlike any other. If one were to stretch a string, the entire coast would measure more than 1650 magical miles. Rugged, roughhewn, calm, peaceful, lively, lovely. The best way to explore it is by car.  Don’t miss: The Atlantic Road, “the road in the ocean,” is the drive that will make you weak in the knees. Seven bridges, dozens of curves, hundreds of waves splashing, and infinite memories made. Bergen is an idyllic seaport town with an active wharf, shops, and boutiques a plenty, adorable cottages in kaleidoscopic colors, and spots to sample the local fare. Be sure to take a tour on the  funicular railway that climbs up unveiling mountaintop views of the breathtaking sights below. Bergen is the gateway to sparkling, breathtaking, scenic fjords including the largest of all; Sognefjord. The town of Alesund, was destroyed by fire in 1908 and was rebuilt resulting in a plethora of art nouveau architecture. Alesund is spread over seven islands surrounded by the sea and mountains, or if you are looking for quaint towns then look no further than Fredrikstad. The old town boasts a bustling market Square with winding cobbled streets and traditional artisan shops. The town was built in the Dutch tradition with moats and ramparts to keep the town safe. Geiranger is a tiny village at the head of a fjord bearing its name. It boasts craggy hills and stunning blue waters backed by dramatic mountains that beg to be climbed. However, if you want to look towards the sea then look no further than Henningsvaer, which is spread over several islands. The happy houses appear to rise from the sea as they reflect onto the inky still waters.

Neighboring Countries

Norway is situated north of Denmark from which it is separated by the Skagerrak strait and is to the west of Sweden whom it has an extremely long border with. At its north eastern point Norway borders Russia and Finland. It has extensive coastline to its west. Apart from Russia, the rest including Norway, are members of the Schengen Area and will be eligible to apply for the ETIAS Visa Waiver Program for visa-free travel in 2021.